The SVS Model was birth out of sheer necessity.

I had learned about video marketing and how important it was after studying Gary Vaynerchuck.

But I was stuck because I knew I didn’t have the time to produce a lot of video content and I didn’t have the resource to hire a full time content team like Gary.

So I figured if I spent a little bit of my time towards creating videos then I could at least produce enough content to stay relevant in my market.

Over the course of the next two years, I was producing videos practically every single day, but nothing was working.

I learned that even if the videos that I produced were good, that didn’t mean that people would watch them.

I needed a repeatable reliable system that would allow me to create high quality video content with the potential to go viral.

That’s when I stumbled upon the “SVS” model.

Through consistent effort I was able to create a system that would be leverage my time,money, and social media to create content that has the potential to explode your client base. The best part of this system is that I didn’t have to produce a lot of content to still compete with the bigger competitors who had huge content teams.

I could produce a limited amount of content and have the same impact as if I produced a large amount.

Our “SVS” model is the foundation behind all of our marketing strategy and is responsible for generating more than 3.43 million content subscribers to a single a Youtube channel.

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